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Love is a roller coaster ride - ever changing. It is a challenge and a joy that requires the best of both worlds. It calls for complete commitment and also absolute surrender. To make love last, you need the perfect balance of both patience and passion.

If love is such a thrilling and complex beast, how do you go about capturing it?

Lots of photographers can show you what your love looks like.  

Let me show you how it feels.



The fast paced world we live in today is both a blessing and a curse. When it comes to choosing a photographer to capture your wedding, the options can seem endless - and more than a little overwhelming.

Getting married is a new adventure for most of us. It’s hard to be able to know which things will really be important tomorrow, next year, or a decade from now.

I was married in the Summer of 2004. At the time my husband and I were young and about to be relocated by the Army. I did the (now) unthinkable and did not hire a photographer for our wedding. Back then it didn’t seem like a big deal - we always planned on having a “real” wedding later on. Life, however, had other ideas and now more than a decade later I do not have a single photo from our wedding day that I can print larger than 4x6.

Our families, and our spouses in particular, are the biggest source of love and support that we have in this life.

I want your marriage to be “A light for you in dark places, when all others go out.”

Everyone deserves to have a visible reminder of the strength, support, and joy that their marriage provides.

why photography is

so important

let's talk albums

and why they are the best way to showcase your wedding photos

I understand that we are living in a digital world. Rather than fight it, I include access to view and download all of your digital files with my collections.
After photographing countless weddings, I also understand that an album tells the story of your wedding day in a way that nothing else can. That's why I also include a basic wedding album in all of my collections.

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Album types


the basic

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8x8 size
Magazine-style pages
Press Printed Finish
Choose from several fabric covers
Included in all collections

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fine art

Available in 10x10 or 12x12
Lay-flat pages
Matte watercolor fine art pages
Choose from linen or silk covers
Upgrades begin at $245

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Album types



Available in 10x10 or 12x12
Lay-flat pages
Matte watercolor fine art pages
Linen, silk or leather covers
Upgrades begin at $385

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Album types



Available in 8x8 or 12x12
Lay-flat pages
Matte watercolor fine art pages
Choose from dark or honey leather
Upgrades begin at $165

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Album types




I have been a professional photographer since 2009

Life is either an adventure or an ordeal, it all depends on your outlook.

Photographing the details is one of my favorite parts of the wedding day!

0 Kids
3 crazy dogs
(I don't trust people who don't like dogs.  They probably don't have souls.

Your images deserve to be free! Print them out, put them on your walls, get them into your life!

Outside of photography I practice calligraphy, yoga, I trail run, and I build wood furniture and cutting boards.

When i got engaged I knew I wanted Mollie to take our wedding photographs.  She captured everything on the day of the wedding so beautifully.  When we received our photographs from Mollie it was just like living the wonderful day all over again!  Mollie's personality is infectious and you can tell she loves being part of her client's big day.  When you're working with someone like that - someone with a passion for what she does - you just know the finished product is going to be amazing.  I couldn't have asked for more than she gave us that day.

living the wonderful day all over again"

"When we received our photos it was like

elena + tony
a rustic fall NC wedding

Mollie was very professional and has an unbelievable eye for detail. We could not have found a better photographer for our wedding.

a better photographer for our wedding!"

"We could not have found

Courtney & jake 
A piedmont club wedding

The wedding photography was an area of high importance to me. We wanted to find someone who not only took good pictures, but seemed like someone we would get along with. We felt that liking the person on the other side of the camera would make the whole process easier and much more enjoyable. Mollie fit the bill. I liked that her pictures weren't over-processed, she made good editorial decisions, and she's obviously talented with natural lighting! Equally important, she was fun to hang out with, easy to talk to, and acted like an experienced professional. I was really impressed with how efficient and decisive she was after walking onto a 40-acre horse farm and meeting us for the first time. She knew exactly where she wanted to go and what to do. She made the whole process clean and simple and fun. Plus, she's a dog person!

Mollie fit the bill."

"We felt like liking the person on the other side of the camera would make the whole process easier...

stephanie + andrew
a Markham, va farm engagement

Our favorite part about the whole thing is that you let us just be ourselves and captured the candid moments. You made us feel like the session was all about us and kept us feeling relaxed the whole time.
We are so pleased with all of our photos and are so thankful that you were able to capture such great moments that we shared. You made us feel so comfortable the whole time and had awesome ideas throughout the whole session to make the pictures turn out amazing!

is that you just let us be ourselves."

"Our favorite part

amanda + KC 
A manassas battlefield engagement

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